Yr 7 students enjoy Caythorpe Court residential

We know that starting Senior School can be daunting, so we hold lots of activities to ensure Year 7 girls transition seemlessly into Senior School life and feel completely at ease in their new surroundings. The highlight of this transition period is a residential trip to Caythorpe Court Adventure Centre. This is an annual trip we hold for all Year 7 students and our girls absolutely have the time of their lives there.

We asked some of the girls to tell us about their highlights from the trip and here is what they said:

“My favourite activity was raft building. Before the activity I was really excited. It was very funny when the barrels fell off my group’s raft which caused the whole raft to collapse! We all fell in the water and got very wet - it was very funny. At the end of the activity we all got to swim to the end of the lake.”

Edie, Year 7 student.

“One of my favourite activities was trapeze. Before we started we thought that it would be easy and not scary, but as we reached the platform at the top we realised that we were terrified. The thing that made the activity fun was that everyone was very encouraging and helped us have confidence. We really enjoyed this activity and wish we could do it again."

Charlotte and Ife, Year 7 students.

“What we loved about Caythorpe Court; Giant Swing - because we got to go all the way to the top and we loved the sensation when we pulled the cord; Raft building - because we got to jump in! Sensory Challenge - because it wasn’t scary; Zip wire - because it was great fun!”

Martha, Isabel, Eleanor and Fleur, Year 7 students.

“My favourite part was the giant swing as we went to the top and I felt like I could do anything! I also helped my friend overcome her fear of heights and she found out that she loved heights.”

Eiliyah, Year 7 student.

“Chanting the songs loudly, it was very funny!”

Esther, Year 7 student.

“My favourite part of the trip was the Trapeze. It was fun to climb to the top and jump; it felt like filming a scene for a movie! It was also good to watch people conquer their fears.”

Alice, Year 7 student.

“My favourite part of the trip was the big swing because I loved the adrenaline rush when you pinged off of the chord and feeling the air rushing past me.”

Charlotte, Year 7 student.

“The activities I liked best at Caythorpe Court were the trapeze, giant swing, challenge course and sensory trail. I liked these activities because you needed to get very involved, for example in the sensory trail you had to find your way around the course blindfolded whilst encountering different obstacles along the way. I have never done anything like the activities I did before which made them challenging and enjoyable.”

Chloe, Year 7 student.

Wow girls, it sounds like you all had an incredible time! View the photo gallery here.