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Sportswoman's Dinner

Our annual Sportswoman’s Dinner held in June was a fantastic evening that demonstrated the sporting quality of the students at Wakefield Girls' High School. Whilst we celebrated the many sporting achievements of our sports teams and their progress throughout national competitions this year, we also celebrated the individual successes of the girls who received the colours they had worked so hard for in a multitude of sports.

Special awards were presented to Leah C, for her hard work and dedication that saw her named 'Leeds Young Sportswoman of the Year', and Leah D for her involvement in the U14 Hockey UK Lions Squad. The Senior Team Tennis Squad also received an award for the 'Best Team Performance' after becoming runners up at their national finals in Bolton earlier this year.

Following the presentation of awards, Leah C gave us an insight into her swimming routine and aspirations for the future, before the evening was closed by Mrs. Robinson, who delivered the reimagined version of Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem, If:

If you can keep your head when those around you
Don't notice what you do;
If you can trust yourself when others doubt you,
Because the only trust you need comes from you;
If you believe in more than you have ever seen;
If you dream big every time you train;
If you've ever learned about winning and losing,
And how to treat those feelings both the same;
If you stand against trolls and gossip
That twist your words into clickbait headlines;
If you've been hated and kept on chasing champion status,
Taking any backlash in your stride;
If you can chase the wins despite injuries
Which have sat you out from selection,
And all alone face your recovery,
Refusing to let it bench ambition;
If you can force your focus and your muscles,
When they've nothing left to give,
To keep on working and, despite the struggle,
Dig deep and say… "I can do this!"
If your heart beats loud at stadium support,
And if you leave it all in the ring, on the track, the pitch or court,
You'll know that greatness is greater than gold,
It's inspiring change from what's gone before;
If you've ever felt unstoppable,
Or felt that together is what makes you strong,
Yours will be the world to take by storm,
And you'll be a woman - who's won!

View the photo gallery from the evening.