National Careers Week - Textiles and Fashion Design Workshop

National Careers Week continued today with a fabulous workshop on Textiles and Fashion Design, including a breath-taking explanation of the massively diverse range of careers available.

Emma Grain, a designer and lecturer at Huddersfield University, took the girls on a magical journey through the world of fabrics and how there are so many avenues to pursue, in this industry.

The girls learned about creative and business opportunities that they had never considered before and were all super enthusiastic to learn more.

They had hands on experience of fabrics from all over the world, looked at the differences between knitted and woven materials, and then started to design their own costumes, which were to be based on the fabric samples.

The girls were then all offered free tickets to the graduate fashion show at Huddersfield University in June – an event they are all very keen to attend.

We would like to extend our thanks to Emma and look forward to working with her again in the future.