National Careers Week - Medical Mavericks

National Careers Week 2019 got off to a flying start at WGHS yesterday when the Medical Mavericks came into school to deliver a fabulous hands on workshop to highlight the massive range of careers in the medical sector.

Girls from Year 9 through to Year 12 got the opportunity to use real equipment (exactly the same as they will find being used by the NHS) to run a series of tests on themselves. They were able to take their blood pressure and pulse using a range of machines, do peak flow tests, get a print out of their ECG and have a go at keyhole surgery techniques, causing much hilarity! One of the most popular tests was to take ultrasound scans of their arms and to look at the growth plates to see if they would grow any more. All the girls got a booklet to record their results and this also had a great deal of careers information for them. It was a massively informative session and great fun too, so thank you to the Medical Mavericks and to all the girls who threw themselves into everything with great enthusiasm.

The week continues with more great events!