A huge welcome to our new Head Girl Team 2019/20

Blog by Heidi-Jayne Boyes, Head

Today is a very exciting day as I have the pleasure of announcing the new Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl and Senior Prefect Team. Voting took place last week, but this was the easy part of the process. Many, many students in Year 12 have, over the last few weeks, been busying themselves by considering and writing their application for a place on this year’s team.

It’s not an easy process. These roles are very prestigious and very important to the school, so a great deal of care and thought has gone into crafting the letters of application. I was thrilled by the many letters I received and for the time and effort invested. All the girls who applied are worthwhile candidates and indeed they all have a lot to offer. Whether successful in attaining a post or not, it is fair to say that they have all given something to the school, that they are all proud of what we represent and that they have been superb Year 12 prefects, a role we greatly value. Thank you to all the girls who put themselves forward. This takes confidence and courage.

For those of you unfamiliar with the process, any student in Year 12 interested in becoming Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl or a Senior Prefect must apply to me in writing, outlining why they should be considered. From this list of names the first vote is cast for those students wanting to be Head Girl or Deputy Head Girl, by staff and their Year 12 peers. This voting took place on Tuesday and this was followed by interviews on Wednesday and Thursday of last week. The interviews are the final part of the process.

On Friday, another list was generated and teachers and Year 12 peers voted for the Senior Prefects. The ten students with the highest votes are then selected to be Senior Prefects. We do not just consider academic, high achievers. For us, this group are very much first among equals and operate as a team.

These roles are critical to the school and for all of us

The students in these positions help staff to fulfil their roles, offering support and insight. They are – like all of our girls - superb ambassadors for Wakefield Girls’ High School - reflecting our ethos and values, showing commitment and drive. They don’t simply attend Wakefield Girls’ High School, but they belong, therefore they truly care for the school and all who are in it.

So why should anyone want to be a Senior Prefect, Deputy or Head Girl?

Well – and this is from the letters of our applicants – it is:

• an honour and a privilege to be able to contribute to the spirit of the school
• being an excellent role model
• being a voice for other students
• offering support to all girls, teachers and support staff
• wanting to say thank you and give something back for the vast and wonderful opportunities they have been given
• it’s about the Christmas Revue!!

So what do they tend to have in common?

Well I think it’s fair to say that they are all enthusiastic, committed, resilient, reliable, helpful, kind, considerate, self-reflective, ambitious and demonstrate integrity. They are not about one particular kind of intelligence!

So, the bit you have all been waiting for…

A huge welcome to our Senior Prefects, Abigail, Ruby, Olivia, Louisa, Jasmine, Loretta, Isobel, Geeta, Nikhita and Anshini; our Deputy Head Girl Rebecca; and our Head Girl Sangeeta. Huge congratulations to you all.

What makes a successful Head Girl?

At her interview, Sangeeta said that the Head Girl has to be approachable and be able to bounce back from a knock. She told us that if she were appointed it would be a privilege and that she would relish being able to give back to the school. This individual has already given a great deal to the school, not only because she is generous with her time, but also because she is forward thinking and presents new ideas and initiatives that engage our girls.

She has already demonstrated strong leadership, but also team working skills as a member of various school committees and she is certainly not one or two dimensional. Our new Head Girl is a driver of change, is charitable and generous, is an environmental activist, is musical and demonstrates strong emotional intelligence. She is hugely proud that she is a student at Wakefield Girls’ High School.

She is friendly and a very, very nice person. She has a charm about her which is so very positive. She is helpful, personable, reliable and responsible. This student is always respectful, grateful and is full of life, always walking around with a big smile on her face exuding positivity.

Sangeeta – congratulations on being the Head Girl of Wakefield Girls’ High School 2019-2020.

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