Wellbeing and Mental Health Overview

Welcome to our Wellbeing and Mental Health section of the WGHS website.

Teenage mental health issues are never far from the news and the media loves alarmist statistics about self-harm and rates of depression amongst young people. As a result, parents may find themselves alarmed, baffled and feeling powerless in the face of a myriad of concerns and behaviours that never seemed to exist when we were teenagers. It is undoubtedly true that while many young people seem to sail easily through adolescence into adulthood with scarcely a hiccup, others find the process much more difficult to navigate and need a bit of extra support along the way.

As we know, knowledge is power. The aim of this section of the school website is to provide you as parents with information and guidance in the form of articles and links to good quality information, empowering you to understand and support your child. The better informed you are, the easier you will find it to start-sometimes difficult-conversations and support your child in achieving and sustaining good mental health throughout their teenage years.

As this section develops, we will add information for parents and students and provide links for you to follow to a variety of sites and resources which we in school have read and found useful. Updates will be added as the school year progresses and an archive of information for you to access will be available, with updates added as they become available to us.

As ever, if you do have any concerns about your child, please let school know. Sometimes a little reassurance that school has in all probability “seen it all before” can be a comfort!

Mrs S Loftus Deputy Head (Pastoral)