Peer Mentoring

Sixth Form offers the opportunity for the girls to apply to the Peer Mentoring Programme, where older girls support our younger girls.

Sixth Form students have to apply for Peer Mentor roles and those who are successful are given a great amount of responsibility in helping the younger year groups in the school community. As a Peer Mentor the Year 12 and 13 students are there to listen, encourage, reassure and facilitate inclusion.

The Peer Mentoring Programme operates alongside our normal support system of Form Tutor and Head of Year but at WGHS we are aware that there are times when a girl feels she could do with someone who understands her; who has ‘been there, done that’. Peer Mentoring is just another form of support, but one that may be seen as more accessible to younger girls. Year 12 and 13 students support Year 7 girls moving into the Senior School, to ensure the transition to the Senior School is as smooth as possible.

The project has a comprehensive initial training programme, run by the Samaritans, which all Peer Mentors and Team Leaders must successfully complete before undertaking any mentoring. A certificate will be issued to successful Mentors and Team Leaders. After initial training, workshop sessions will be held to cover any specific areas identified by the Peer Mentors or Team Leaders.

Girls in Years 11-13 can apply to the Student Leaders' Scheme. This scheme provides opportunities for older students to work in an extra-curricular capacity with a variety of younger girls in both our Senior and Junior Schools, drawing on student expertise, willingness and enthusiasm.

“There are times when a girl feels she could do with someone who understands her; who has ‘been there, done that'”

Key Facts

  • The scheme gives Peer Mentors the chance to make a difference
  • Mentors can develop new transferable skills
  • Mentors have increased responsibility within the school community
  • The scheme offers the chance to put something back into the life of the school