Emotional Support

The physical and emotional well-being of each girl within our care is paramount.

We aim to provide a supportive environment where the trials of growing up can be eased and a positive attitude to health, fitness, nutrition and self-image is fostered.

We promote healthy eating throughout the school and opportunities for activity and sport abound.

In PSHE lessons girls are encouraged to explore areas such as self-esteem, body image and positive ways to foster resilience. Older girls are trained to speak to younger ones where appropriate, particularly in relation to social media.

Girls are able to take their worries to whoever they feel most comfortable with, be they a teacher, a Sixth Form mentor, a member of the pastoral team or the School Nurse. In some cases, we may employ the services of Mind Matters, who provide counselling to students in need.

Girls are welcome to come and talk to members of the School Medical Team in confidence who will provide advice, support and any relevant resources.