Year 8 Overview

Ethos of Year 8

Students in Year 8 arrive for the start of a new school year in September with the knowledge that they are no longer the most junior girls in the school: unlike twelve months previously, they will know the names of staff members, know their way around the school and know of the school’s overall culture and expectations. With this knowledge comes extra responsibility, and through their behaviour, conduct and specifically through the ‘Buddy’ system, Year 8 girls are expected to act as role models for the new Year 7 students.

Year 8 girls begin to push themselves further and show some more independence, both in their learning and outside of lessons. A full range of extra-curricular activities remains available to students, and a new school year is the perfect opportunity to embrace a new challenge or interest; indeed, some clubs are open to Year 8 girls for the first time. Excitingly for the girls, this year sees them being able to select activities from the EDGE programme of study for the first time, so that each girl is able to supplement her education in a way that she, personally, finds most enriching and enjoyable.

As with Year 7, each Form Group is allocated a slot on the assembly rota and must (with the assistance of their Form Tutor) research, plan, rehearse and deliver an assembly to the rest of the school. These assemblies typically are creative, entertaining, yet thoughtful and Year 8 girls rise to the challenge admirably, taking on even more of the planning and preparation themselves.

The students’ second year at WGHS is accompanied by a range of challenges, which the girls have to discover their own strategies to cope with. The younger teenage years can be difficult: puberty kicks in for many, but by no means all, of the girls, and Form groups are rearranged to provide a fresh opportunity for mixing and making new friends across the year group. The pastoral team are always alert to problems that may arise and provide guidance, understanding and help.

WGHS offers the secure conditions which enable the individual to thrive, and creates an environment which is stimulating, varied and challenging. Girls recognise the diversity and individuality of others and the importance of their own attitudes and effort in reaching their potential.

Pastoral Staff

Head of Year
Mrs S Oldale

Form Tutors 2019-20
Mrs Bullough/Mrs Heathcote
Mrs Critch
Mr Hannard
​Mrs Lister
​Mr Paget

Year 8 Key Events

Term Event
Autumn Term I School Photographs
  Buddy System launch
  Information Morning
  HPV I Injections
  Parents' Evening
Autumn Term II HPV II injections
  Carol Service
  Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Appeal
Spring Term I Reports issued
Spring Term II HPV III injections
  Junior Maths Challenge for all Y8
  ISSP Science Show - Years 7, 8, 9
Summer Term I Exam Week
  KS3 Maths Trip to Winmarleigh Hall in Lancashire - Years 7, 8, 9
Summer Term II Disco
  Charity Afternoon
  Sports Day
  KS3 got Talent
  Year 8 Paris Trip
  Reports issued

Key Facts

  • Year 8 girls are involved in a ‘Buddy’ system through which they provide guidance and support for new Year 7 girls
  • Each Year 8 Form Group presents an assembly to the rest of the school
  • Year 8 girls take a leading role in the annual Christmas Shoe Box appeal
  • In the summer term, Year 8 girls participate in a charity afternoon involving sponsored events and games
  • Two discos, open to Year 7 and 8 girls from WGHS and QEGS, take place
  • Girls participate in a range of lunchtime and after school clubs and societies