Year 10 Overview

Ethos of Year 10

In Year 10 the school aims to support girls as they commence their GCSE courses. In view of this girls are placed in smaller Form groups. This enables the Form Tutor to give each girl more individual support with academic and pastoral matters and it also allows the girls to widen their circle of friends. In addition to this the Year 10 girls are allowed to stay in their Form rooms at lunch and break time thereby giving them greater freedom. With this freedom comes responsibility and the school aims to encourage the girls to become independent young women with the ability to think for themselves both in their learning and in a wider sense.

In Year 10 girls prepare for their GCSE examinations and the school aims to support each and every girl in achieving her full potential. We aim to encourage the girls to take greater responsibility for their own learning and to provide them with the tools to fulfil that potential.

Year 10 is an important year and therefore it is important that the girls are aware of the academic and behavioural expectations of the school and that they are encouraged to understand the consequences of their actions. We should also promote the importance of rules, morality and an appreciation of others irrespective of race or abilities.

Throughout the year the girls will start to turn their thoughts to the future and we should encourage them to think carefully about their options post 16 and how they might reach their personal goals.

The school aims to support each and every girl in extending her knowledge and experience beyond the classroom in order to discover her talents and full potential. To this end girls should be encouraged to continue their involvement in extracurricular activities in spite of increased academic workload.

Pastoral Staff

Head of Year
Mrs E Maher

Form Tutors 2019-20

Mrs Baldwin
Mr Cunningham
Mrs Dale
Mr Lassey
Mr Murtland

Year 10 Key Events

Term Event
Autumn Term I Study Skills Morning (Target Setting)
  School Photographs
  Princes' Trust Launch
  School Council
  Information Morning
Autumn Term II Speech Day
  Parents' Evening
  Meadow Hall Trip
Spring Term I Form Assemblies
  Target setting (follow up)
  Cambridge visit
  School Council
Spring Term II Full reports issued
Summer Term I Report feedback
  Revision techniques
  Exam Week
Summer II Module Examinations
  Sports Day
  Year 10 Symposium
  Reports issued

Key Facts

  • GCSE transition
  • Target setting
  • Princes’ Trust Charity
  • Year 10 Symposium
  • Leadership opportunities include Duke of Edinburgh, Form Sergeant, Form Assembly and School Council
  • Meadowhall Trip and visit to Cambridge University