Sixth Form Overview

Ethos of the Sixth Form

The Sixth Form at WGHS seeks to provide all students with the working environment where they can achieve their potential both in terms of academic achievement and personal development. We aim to develop and celebrate students of all abilities, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding. We seek to prepare our students to face the world as responsible, self motivated, independent and caring citizens: young women who can take their place confidently in whatever role they choose.

Our students have chosen to continue their education post 16 and we recognise that this is an important stage in inculcating an expectation of life-long learning. Our Sixth Form encourages a love of learning for its own sake, as well as for measurable academic achievement. Students are expected to extend learning beyond the classroom and we have forums to enable them to demonstrate this. We support each individual student in making important decisions about their future, encouraging self reflection and aspiration, to ensure that every student moves successfully towards her goal.

As our students move towards independence, be it towards university or employment, they are encouraged to contribute both to their immediate community and play a wider role in society. We place great emphasis on leading whole school charitable initiatives and our students typically take on a wide range of volunteering activities. We are well known within the local community for providing responsible, willing, mature young people to fill a variety of roles. We encourage all activities which lead towards independence and widening experience.

Although our students have chosen to take advantage of the benefits of studying in an all female environment, there is also the opportunity should to have joint learning experiences with boys from our brother school in certain subjects. What makes our Sixth Form different is that it is not a stand-alone entity. It is very much part of the whole school community.

Pastoral Staff

Director of Sixth Form
Dr J. Rhodes

Assistant Head of Sixth Form:
Mrs A Oliver

Tutors 2019-20

Year 12 
Mr Wilson
Mrs Varley
Ms Doyle
Dr Dunlop
Mr Grunwell
Mr Franks
Mr Tribe

Year 13 
Ms Carlin
Dr Duerden-Brown
Dr Durell
Mrs Keegan-Phipps
Dr Korosi
Mrs Potts
Mr Shaw

Sixth Form Key Events

Term Event
Autumn Term I Study Skills Day
  New Prefects’ Assembly
  Year 13 Parents’ Evening
Autumn Term II Year 12 Subject Grade Sheet issued
  Year 12 Parents’ Evening
  Speech Day
  Short Report Year 13
  Sixth Form Information Evening
  Carol Service
Spring Term I Short Report Year 12
Spring Term II UCAS Convention in Manchester – all Year 12
  Options Choices for Year 12
  Year 13 Grade Sheet issued
  Parents’ Evenings for Year 12 and 13
  Leavers’ Photographs
Summer Term I Sixth Form Conference (3 days)
  Leavers’ Ball, joint with QEGS
  Head Student and Senior Prefect Elections
  Study Leave and exam period
Summer Term II Higher Education Evening
  Sixth Form Conference (3 days)

Key Facts

  • Small Tutor Groups and small class sizes
  • Leadership opportunities through Prefect, Form Prefect, Senior Prefect and Subject Leader roles
  • Peer Mentoring System with Samaritans training, offering support to younger girls in the school
  • Careers guidance through timetabled Guidance Information and Support lessons
  • Work Experience/careers advice offered through Independent Schools’ Business Partnership
  • Programme of events to support Oxbridge candidates.