Pastoral System

It is the sense of being cared for as an individual which enables each girl to achieve her full potential with enjoyment and pride, preparing them for accomplishing career and personal successes in later life.

At the heart of learning is the well-being of our girls. We strongly believe that pastoral care is an important element of teaching and learning at all stages of a girls’ development.

The fundamental principle which underlies all that we strive to achieve in the pastoral programme is to know and understand our girls well and thereby encourage and aid their growth and development towards adulthood.

Great emphasis is placed on the Home-School partnership, allowing us to strive towards the best possible outcomes for all of our girls. Whilst all staff play a key role, within the pastoral system the Form Tutor and Head of Year are the main point of contact for parents during a girl's school career. They monitor a girl's academic, personal and social progress within the school and are overseen by the Deputy Head, Pastoral.

At WGHS we believe that the creation and maintenance of a caring community meets the needs of all our girls so that they can achieve success and become responsible citizens. The girls have a strong sense of right and wrong and these positive values are developed during Assemblies, Form time and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education lessons (PSHEE). The comprehensive PSHEE programme within the timetable aims to develop values and a sound spiritual and moral code for the girls.

We place great value upon the link between girls' emotional well-being and their potential for achievement. We strive to develop a sense of pride in our girls, not only in their academic achievement but also their appearance and their place in society.

Pastoral Team 2020-21

Assistant Head: Director of Pastoral Care and Wellbeing
Mrs Louise Ladds

Head of Year 7
Mrs K Lindley

Assistant Head of Year 7
Miss C Dollive

Head of Year 8
Mrs S Oldale

Head of Year 9
Mr J Shaw

Head of Year 10 
Mrs E Maher

Head of Year 11
Mrs J Baldwin

Director of Sixth Form
Dr Joanna Rhodes

Assistant Head of Sixth Form
Mrs Annette Oliver

“Pupils enjoy a happy school environment in which their personal development is outstanding” ISI Inspection Report 2012

Key Facts

  • Every girl is a valued member of the school community
  • Girls feel secure and happy and are able to grow in confidence to achieve their very best
  • We have a successful 'buddy' system for welcoming new girls into our School
  • All staff are involved in pastoral care, but some have very specific roles
  • The school also has it's own School Matron who caters for a girl's health and personal well-being
  • There is a comprehensive PSHEE programme delivered within the timetable
  • The Pastoral Team supports both girls and parents of the WGHS Community