Leadership Opportunities

Within our school community, it is natural that girls can, and do, lead and we strongly encourage girls of all ages to develop their leadership skills.

We encourage all girls to be bold, yet sensitive to others, and to be unafraid of sharing their convictions when faced with moral or other dilemmas. This instils confidence and helps them to develop those valuable “soft skills” that are highly regarded in the world beyond school.

By developing leadership skills at the earliest opportunity, girls develop a sense of responsibility, while care, consideration and respect for others are fostered. Girls in Years 7—11 are eligible for many positions of responsibility, including Form Sergeants, Sports Captains, Charity Committee Representatives and Student Council representatives. From Year 11, Student Leaders work alongside Heads of Department, and staff who offer clubs, to enrich and support the extracurricular opportunities for younger girls in school.

Sixth Formers can become part of the Peer Mentoring Scheme, through which they receive Samaritans training. The most public and overt form of student leadership can be found in the appointments of our Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl and Senior Prefect Team. The Head Girl and her team play an important role in helping with the running of the school, and all Sixth Formers are expected to be role models for our younger girls.