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GCSE Results 2018

Close to two thirds of the cohort attain the highest possible results, grades 9 to 7!

"We are very pleased to be celebrating excellent GCSE results at WGHS, with nearly two thirds of the cohort attaining the highest possible results, grades 9 to 7. This is a great achievement and I am very proud of all our Year 11 students.

This is a cohort who have been fully immersed, with the exception of Classics, Product Design, Textiles and Further Maths, in the new, and arguably more challenging, reformed GCSE system. It is most pleasing to see that the high standards of academic achievement we are rightly proud of have been maintained. Our girls have approached the reformed subject structure with determination, resilience and confidence. These attributes, alongside their GCSE results, will enable each individual to excel in the next, exciting, phase of their journey. I look forward to helping each girl grow and achieve her potential in Year 12 and beyond.

Many departments achieved the highest grades, 9-7, for more than 50% of their students - an outstanding achievement. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff for their hard work and commitment. 

Congratulations must go to the girls (all listed below) who achieved an impressive nine or more, or all, 8+/A* grades. Whilst we are extremely proud of the achievements of every girl, it would be remiss of me not to give an extra special mention to the following girls: Shipra Nagtode, Anshini Thakur and Anjali Narendran, who achieved nine 9s and an A^ in Further Maths; Ella Northern achieving eight 9s, one A* and an A^ in Further Maths; Ruby Allen with seven 9s, two A* and an A^ in Further Maths. Students achieving 9s/A* in all their subjects are nationally very rare following the GCSE reforms so these are truly amazing results!

Well done again to all our Year 11 girls. I hope every student is proud of what they have achieved."

Ms Heidi-Jayne Boyes, Head of Wakefield Girls' High School

  • 40% Grades 9/8 or grade A*
  • 64% Grades 9-7 or grade A*/A
  • 93% Grades 5+ of grade A*-B
  • 20 girls gained passes at straight A*/A (including grades 9-7 in English and Maths)

A special mention to the following pupils who have gained grade 8+/ A^/A* in at least nine of their GCSEs:

Ruby Allen (seven 9s, two A*, one A^)
Chloe Chandra (seven 9s, two 8s, one 6)
Hazel Fraser (four 9s, four 8s, one 7, one A^)
Eleanor Kaye (six 9s, three 8s, one A^)
Rosalind Madden (five 9s, three 8s, one 6)
Alex Middleton (eight 9s, two 8s, one A*)
Shipra Nagtode (nine 9s, one A^)
Anjali Narendran (nine 9s, one A^)
Ella Northern (eight 9s, one A*, one A^)
Neha Sinha (seven 9s, two 8s, one A*)
Anshini Thakur (nine 9s, one A^)
Sangeeta Unnikrishnan (seven 9s, one 8, two A*)