Introducing EDGE

High School Girls have the 'EDGE'.

The EDGE programme stands for Enriching and Developing Girls' Education and it is all about providing even more opportunities on top of what is already a rich curriculum at WGHS.

Top universities and employers are not just looking for top grades but also for those sparks of creativity, resilience, teamwork and leadership which differentiate the best from the rest; EDGE is designed to explicitly foster these skills.

EDGE takes place on Thursday afternoons and involves every girl at WGHS, from Year 7 to Year 13. It is a chance for them to customise a small corner of their timetable by choosing from a wide range of activities led predominantly by WGHS staff. Above all, we hope that the girls really enjoy their EDGE experiences and perhaps discover a hidden talent!

Key Facts

  • Every girl at WGHS will be involved on a Thursday afternoon
  • Girls will be able to take part in up to 5 EDGEs in the academic year
  • The cost of the majority of EDGE activities will be covered by the normal school fees