Academic Overview

At WGHS we want our girls to achieve the best they possibly can, stretching each individual and adding value to their education.

Adaptable and flexible, the WGHS curriculum prepares girls for the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead, through a broad range of academic experiences which deliver a wide-ranging set of values and skills suitable for the world in which they live.

Whilst we take into account the requirements of the National Curriculum, we are not restrained by following it to the letter.

Our curriculum is enriched by the emphasis placed on creativity and by offering additional subjects such as Latin.

Teaching groups range in size from around 20 at Key Stage 3 to an average of 10-12 in the Sixth Form, allowing girls to be known and supported well throughout their WGHS journey.

In the Sixth Form, girls have the opportunity to study subjects taught jointly with the boys at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School​ (QEGS). This not only extends the possibilities for subject combinations but allows girls to experience mixed learning in preparation for university and the workplace.


There are specialist Departments for Modern Foreign Languages, Science, ICT, PE, Design Technology - Product Design, Textiles and Food Technology, Music and Art.

All other Departments have suites of rooms where most of the lessons in the Department are taught. All rooms have full ICT facilities.

Games are taught at the WGHS Sports Fields which are within walking distance of the school, also utilising the Astroturf and athletics track which are both shared with QEGS. There is an indoor sports hall - the Hartley Pavilion, and a Fitness Suite on the main school campus.

In addition to the ICT rooms which are used by other subjects where possible, there are rooms in English and DT with enough computers for a class group, a bookable ICT room located in Main School, and computers and laptops available in the Learning Resources Centre.

Class Sizes

We aim to have normal teaching group sizes of the following, significantly reducing in the all-important Sixth Form years.

Years 7, 8, and 9 - 20 to 24 girls
Years 10 and 11 - 15 to 24 girls
Year 12 - 10 to 15 students
Year 13 - 10 to 12 students

Some subjects, such as Maths and French, may have larger sets in the high ability range to allow for smaller groups in the lower ability range.

Key Facts

  • WGHS aims to provide girls with a broad range of academic experiences
  • Prepare girls for making well-advised subject choices
  • Subjects such as Latin help to broaden our curriculum
  • We aim to give girls as much subject choice as possible at GCSE and A-Level
  • WGHS benefits from many specialist subject Departments and facilities
  • Normal teaching groups range in size from a maximum of 24 in Year 7 to approximately 12 in Sixth Form