Ethos of the Department

The learning of a new language and cultures should inspire girls to be adventurous in spirit and to embrace all that is unique about the many cultures that make up our world. Through their Spanish lessons they will begin to understand the importance of effective and sensitive communication. We aim to develop the ability to use Spanish effectively for purposes of practical communication.

Girls will form a sound basis of the skills, language and attitudes required for further study, work or leisure. They will be offered insight into the culture and civilisation of the country whose language we are teaching. We want our girls to enjoy the learning of Spanish, to rise to the intellectual challenge and develop awareness for language learning. We enable our girls to achieve their full potential in examination success in Spanish.

Teaching Staff

Mrs K Dale (Head of Department)
Miss E Duckitt
​Mrs E Lister

Mrs D Walker
Mrs F Bullough

Key Facts

  • Engaging lessons
  • Two dedicated I.T. rooms with opportunities for on-line learning
  • Regular clinic offering students support
  • Annual language immersion trip to Salamanca
  • Spanish theatre and film events