Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

Ethos of the Department

A new name for an ever changing and dynamic department. As a department we have opted to rename ourselves the Religion, Philosophy and Ethics department (RPE) to better reflect the curriculum that is delivered to the girls from Year 7 to Year 13.

The Religion, Philosophy and Ethics Department aims to promote the study and enjoyment of religious issues through a varied and exciting curriculum. The Department promotes a course of study which enables all girls, irrespective of their religion, beliefs and academic ability to have equal access to RPE and to experience success and enjoyment in their work, and thus reach their full potential.

Religious issues are studied within an atmosphere of honesty, thus enabling girls to develop a range of personal qualities such as initiative, independence and an ability to listen to others' points of view, resulting in respect for their opinions. In RPE  the Department promotes and encourages girls' moral and spiritual awareness.

Teaching Staff

Mr D Sheehan (Head of Department)
Mrs R Keegan-Phipps

Key Facts

  • Two dedicated Religous Studies rooms and area
  • Visiting speakers from all of the 6 major world religions
  • Lunchtime revision clinics for GCSE and A Level
  • Visits to places of worship including the The Vatican in Rome, Venice, Walsingham in Norfolk and local places of worship with the Buddhist and Islamic traditions
  • Cabinet of artefacts representing all faiths
  • Sixth Form students attend conferences and lectures from leading Philosophers and Scholars