Ethos of the Department

We seek to help our girls to develop a love of literature for life. We aim to arouse and foster in every girl a passion, interest and enthusiasm for a wide range of texts, literary and non-literary. Encouraging girls to pose questions, to seek answers to questions, to open themselves up to the power of the imagination and to develop a sense of quest, is central to the Department’s ethos, on the basis that both knowledge and appreciation begin with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Whilst our girls are on the journey to becoming increasingly confident and skilled in using language to communicate effectively in any situation, our central goal is to inculcate an appreciation of the part that language plays in identity and sense of self, how, like each human being, words are mysterious, delicate, subtle and powerful. We wish every girl to develop her own voice.

When our girls leave school we hope to have assisted in their becoming astute and analytical thinkers, confident communicators and creative and focused writers. We wish them to emerge with a strong sense of their own views and attitudes, whilst heightening their understanding of the views and attitudes of others, and thus with an ability to impart to other people, a sense of their own world.

Teaching Staff

Dr F Dunlop (Head of English)
Mrs R Besford
Ms M Doyle

Mrs S Loftus
Mrs J Megson

Dr L McNamara
Mr J Shaw

Key Facts

  • The Department has a dedicated computer room
  • A very wide range of texts are available – classics and newly published
  • There are AQA Examiners in the Department team
  • Various clubs on offer include debating, creative writing and reading groups
  • A dedicated English Language clinic for senior exam classes
  • Reading is promoted via the dedicated library lessons, UK Readathon and visits from authors