Economics and Business

Ethos of the Department

Economics and Business Studies is taught jointly at A-Level with students from QEGS. The Department is based at QEGS, with teaching delivered jointly by specialist teaching staff from both QEGS and WGHS.

The Department seeks to help to contribute to the QEGS and WGHS ethos of providing a holistic approach to education. Economics & Business Studies are currently only taught at Key Stage 5 but the Department contributes to the raising of enterprise awareness through a range of enterprise days throughout the schools.

More generally, we seek to enhance the knowledge and skills profile of every student involved, and to enrich their understanding of their place in the wider economy of Wakefield, West Yorkshire and the UK. Fundamentally, we aspire to cultivate a passion amongst our student body for economic understanding and an appreciation of the pivotal role of business within our society.

Specific skills we seek to develop include:

  • Economic and business awareness – who the businesses are, how they operate and their role in the wider economy
  • Improved analytical skills through recognising differing opinions on key economic issues like unemployment, inflation, growth and inequality
  • Improved research skills and independent learning
  • Enhanced written and oral communication through practising extended writing tasks and providing the opportunity for engaging classroom discussions
  • Data analysis skills so that economic and business data can be understood and manipulated

Teaching Staff

Mr G Chatterton (Head of Department)
Mrs N Allen
Mr D Eggleston
​Mrs C Mackay
Mr C Mencattelli

Key Facts

  • The Department has an extensive library of written and audio-visual materials
  • There is an extensive programme of enrichment through educational visits and guest speakers
  • Recent educational visits included a trip to Fox’s biscuits and to Barcelona
  • Staff offer key examination expertise through their experience as external examiners at AS and A Level
  • The Department produces much of its own teaching and learning material
  • The Department operate the IFS Proshare competition for students, with teams securing places in the regional finals