Academic Staff


Ms HJ Boyes 
BSc (Hons) Geography (Kings' College London)
PGCE Geography (Hull)

Senior Leadership Team

Mr D J Eggleston
Deputy Head (Teaching and Learning), Economics 
BA (Hons) Social Sciences (Nottingham Trent)
MEd School Leadership and Management (Leeds)
PGCE in Economics

Mrs L Ladds
Assistant Head: Director of Pastoral Care and Wellbeing
BA French (University of Wales, Aberystwyth)
PGCE Modern Languages (Manchester)
MA in Education and Leadership (Exeter)

Dr J Rhodes 
Assistant Head: Director of Sixth Form 
M.Chem Chemistry (University of Oxford, St Catherine’s College)
D.Phil Chemistry (University of Oxford, St John’s College)
PGDL Law (University of Huddersfield)
LPC (BPP Law School, City of London)
Solicitor of the Supreme Court (Practising)
PGCE Science with specialism in Chemistry (University of Huddersfield)
MRSC (Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry)

Mrs J A Tingle
Deputy Head (Academic), Physical Education
BEd Physical Education (Leeds)
MSc Leadership and Management (Leeds Met)

Teaching Staff

Mrs J Baldwin - Chemistry
BSc Chemistry (Newcastle)
PGCE Science with specialism in Chemistry (Leeds)

Dr S Barber - Acting Head of Biology
BSc (Hons) Molecular and Cellular Biology (Bath)
PhD Neuroscience (Bristol)
PGCE Secondary Science (Huddersfield)

Mrs K Bentham - Acting Head of Music
BMus (Hons) (Huddersfield)
PGCE Secondary Music (Huddersfield)

Mrs R Besford - English and Drama & House Leader
BA (Hons) English Language and English Literature (Leeds)
PGCE Secondary (Middlesex)

Mr S Besford - Foundation Director of Drama
BA English Language and Literature (Leeds)
PGCE in English Secondary (Leeds)
Postgraduate Diploma (LAMDA)

Mrs F Bullough - French
BA (Hons) French and Hispanic Studies (Sheffield)
PGCE Modern Foreign Languages (Sheffield Hallam)

Mr B A Carlin - Head of Product Design
BSc (Hons) Design and Technology Education (Sheffield Hallam)
MSc Leadership and Management (Leeds Met)

Mrs E Critch - Head of Textiles
BA Fashion Design (Leeds)
PGCE in Secondary Education (Leeds)

Mr J Cunningham - Mathematics
BSc Geology with Mathematics (Newcastle)
PGCE in Mathematics with Computing (Newcastle)

Mrs K L Dale - Head of Spanish & Head of French
BA Hons French and Spanish (Durham)
GTP (Wakefield LEA)
Certificate in Social Sciences (Open University)
RSA Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Leeds International Language Institute)

Miss C Dollive - Biology and Assistant Head of Year 7
BSc (Hons) Zoology (Manchester)
PGCE in Science (Huddersfield)

Ms M Doyle - English
BA (Hons) English and Philosophy (University College, Dublin)
Higher Diploma in Education (H.Dip.Ed) from University College Dublin 

Miss E DuckittHead of French, also teaches Spanish 
BA (Hons) Modern Languages (Newcastle University) 
PGCE French with Spanish (University of York)

Dr S Duerden Brown - Head of Chemistry
BSc (Hons) Chemistry (Bradford)
PhD Chemistry (Leeds)
PGCE in Secondary Chemistry/Science (Leeds)

Dr FS Dunlop - Head of English
MA English and Modern Languages (Somerville College, Oxford)
PGCE English with German (Belfast)
MA Medieval Studies (York)
PhD Medieval Studies (York)

Dr M Durell - Physics
BSc (Hons) Physics (Leicester)
PhD Physics (Leicester)
PGCE in Secondary Science (Huddersfield)

Mrs K Edge - Head of Psychology
BSc Psychology (Hull)
Cert Ed. and Business Studies (Leeds Trinity)

Mrs V Gardiner - Foundation Director of Learning Support

Mr T Grunwell - Psychology and History
BSc (Hons) in Business and Management with Law and Psychology (Birmingham)
MA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (York)
PGCE in Religious Studies and Philosophy (Liverpool)

Mr D Hannard - Head of Physics
BA(Hons) Astrophysics (Edinburgh)
PGCE Secondary Science (Leeds)

Mr H J Hargreaves - Head of Geography
BSc Geography (Birmingham)
PGCE in Geography (Birmingham)

Mr J Hargreaves -  Head of Classics
BA (Hons) Ancient History and Archaeology (Newcastle)
PGCE in Classics (Cambridge)

Mrs C Heathcote - Mathematics
BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Economics (Keele)
PGCE in Secondary Mathematics (Leeds)

Mrs S Heptinstall - Humanities 
BA (Hons) Combined Arts in History, Politics and English (Leicester)
MA in Modern International Studies (Leeds)
PGCE in Secondary History (Swansea)

Mrs K Hunter  - Physical Education, Acting Head of Academic PE and Assistant Head of Year 11 
BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science (Loughborough University)
PGCE in Physical Education with QTS (Loughborough University)
MSc in Education with QTS (Loughborough University)

Mrs S Jenkins - Mathematics
BSc (Hons) Mathematics (University of York)
PGCE Mathematics (University of Leeds)

Mrs R Keegan-Phipps - Head of Religion, Philosophy & Ethics 
MTheol (Hons) (St. Andrews)
PGCE in Religious Education (Durham)
MA (Open University)​

Miss B Kerridge - Art & Design & KS3 Art Coordinator
BA Fine Art (Norwich)
PGCE (Huddersfield)

Dr J Korosi - Biology
MBBS (St Thomas's Hospital)
BSc (Hons) Biochemistry (London)
PGCE in Biology and Science (York)
MSB (Member of the Society of Biology)

Mr M LasseyHead of E-Learning / Computer Science
BA (Hons) Business Technology with Secondary Education (QTS) (Leeds)
MSc Leadership and Management (Leeds Met)

Mrs K Lindley - Biology and Head of Year 7
BSc (Hons) Human Genetics (Leeds)
PGCE (Leeds)

Mrs E Lister - Head of German
LLB (Hons) Law with German Law and Language at the University of Hull. 
MA in Applied Professional Studies in Education (Sheffield)
PGCE in German and Spanish (Sheffield)

Mrs J Lonsdale - Mathematics
BSc (Hons) Agricultural Economics (Newcastle)
PGCE and Diploma in Mathematics (Keele)
Distance Learning Diploma in ICT (Aberdeen and Dundee)

Mrs E Maher - Design Technology and Head of Year 10/11
BSc (Hons) Textile and Knitwear Technology Management (De Montfort)
PGCE in Home Economics (Northumbria)

Miss L Margereson - Physical Education and Religion, Philosophy, & Ethics and House Leader
BA (Hons) in Physical Education (Leeds)
PGCE in Physical Education (London Metropolitan) 

Dr L McNamara - English
BA (Hons) English (Lancaster)
MA English (Lancaster)
PhD English (Royal Holloway)
PGCE in Education (Leeds)
PDip in Education (Kingston)

Mrs J Megson - English
BA (Hons) English with Related Studies (Bretton Hall)
PGCE in Secondary English and TESOL (Leeds)
PG Certificate in Educational Studies (Leeds)

Mr N Meredith - Teacher of Music, KS5 Music, GCSE Composition and Outreach Responsibilities
BA Music (Cambridge)
GTP (Bradford)
MMus (Leeds)

Mrs G Morgan - Head of Academic PE  (maternity leave)
MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition (Loughborough University)
BSc Sport and Exercise Science (Loughborough)
PGCE Secondary PE (Exeter)

Mr C Murtland - Chemistry & KS3 Science Coordinator
PGCE in Science with Chemistry (York)
MChem (Hons) Chemistry (Warwick)

Miss D V North - Physical Education
BSc (Hons) Sports Science (Brunel)
PGCE in Secondary Physical Education (Reading)

Mrs S Oldale - Head of Food and Nutrition & Mental Health Lead
B of Ed. Home Economics (Ireland)
MSc Public Health Promotion (Leeds Met)

Mrs A Oliver - Classics, Assistant Head of Sixth Form
BA (Hons) Latin (University of Leeds)

Mr S Paget - Head of Computer Science & EDGE Coordinator
BA (Hons) Radio, Film and Television Studies and Science (Kent)
PGCE in ICT (Sheffield Hallam)

Mrs N Phillips Design Technology, Head of PSHEE & Head of Year 8/9
BA (Hons) Fashion and Clothing (Leeds)
PGCE in Secondary Teaching Design and Technology (Sheffield Hallam)​

Mrs A Potts - Head of History
BA (Hons) History/Russian (Birmingham)

Mrs J L Rees - Head of Mathematics
BSc (Hons) Pure Mathematics (Sheffield University)
PGCE in Mathematics (Swansea)

Mrs C RichardsLatin, Classics & Greek
BA (Hons) Latin and Greek (Newcastle)
PGCE in Classical Language (London)

Mrs K F Robinson - Director of Physical Education
BA (Hons) Physical Education with QTS (Leeds Met)

Mr J RydingTemporary Teacher of Geography
BA (Hons) Geography (Manchester)
PGCE Secondary Geography (York)

Mr J Shaw - English and Head of Year 8/9
MA (Hons) English Language and Literature (Newcastle)
PGCE in English with Drama (Newcastle)

Mr O ShawHistory and EPQ Coordinator
BA (Hons) History (Sheffield)
PGCE in Secondary History (Sheffield)

Mrs E Shellard - Mathematics
BSc (Hons) Mathematics - York University
PGCE in Mathematics - York University

Mr J Spall - Art
BA (Hons) Fine Art - Sunderland University
PGCE Art and Design  -  University Collge of St Martin, Lancaster

Mrs E Taylor - Learning Support
BA English and Drama (Lancaster)
PGCE in English and Drama (Bretton Hall)

Mr R Tribe - Geography
BSc (Hons) Geography (Durham University)
PGCE - Secondary Geography (University of Leeds)
Post Graduate Diploma in Law (The College of Law)
Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (The College of Law)
NPQSL - (The National College/Department for Education)
Solicitor (Non-practising)

Mrs K Varley - Head of Art & Design, Head of Year 10/11 & House Coordinator
BA (Hons) in Visual Art (Bolton)
PGCE Secondary Art and Design (Leeds) 

Mr A Vause - Chemistry
BSc (Hons) in Chemistry (Leeds)

Mrs D Walker - French & Spanish
BA (Hons) French (Leeds)
PGCE in French and Spanish (Leeds)

Mr R Webster - Mathematics
BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Education  (Sheffield Hallam)
MA in Education (Sheffield Hallam)

Mr M R Wilson - Physics
BSc (Hons) Physics and Astronomy (Liverpool)
PGCE in Secondary Science (Huddersfield)