Aims and Ethos

Founded in 1878, at a time when social and educational emancipation of women gathered pace, WGHS is a selective school for girls.

Retaining the same guiding principles of its foundation,WGHS enables girls to achieve the qualifications necessary to fulfil their ambitions and potential at the same time as nurturing their sense of self worth, responsibility towards others and mutual respect.​

Whilst it is a fee-paying school, WGHS also offers a number of bursaries and scholarships. Autonomous, and yet one of the family of schools that comprise the Wakefield Grammar School Foundation, WGHS delivers all the benefits of a single-sex education whilst also providing academic social and cultural links with its brother school, QEGS.

The school has a stimulating and challenging environment, a culture of high expectation, celebrates achievement, encourages both initiative and team commitment and develops self esteem and confidence. Assemblies and all areas of the curriculum where spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues arise, allow girls to formulate their own views and consider those of others. Academic and pastoral care of girls are equally prized and the school values its partnership with parents in the education of their daughters.

WGHS provides a broad and balanced curriculum, delivered by well qualified and committed teachers in facilities which allow study and extra curricular activities to flourish and are responsive to technological and educational developments. Excellent results in external examinations and impressive sporting success at local, national and international level combine to give the school its outstanding reputation.

The words of the school hymn, “each for all, the school’s great motto,” epitomises the school’s camaraderie and the philanthropy evident in its charitable giving. A warm and vibrant community, WGHS has a strong sense of identity and history, yet is also outward-looking, with a proud tradition of forging links with the local community and other educational establishments far and wide.

The School aims to:

  • Instil intellectual curiosity, aspiration and a love of learning in order to enable each girl to achieve her full academic potential
  • Encourage her to discover other talents through participation and contribution, and take responsibility for her progress
  • Provide an environment in which all are valued, respected and happy by celebrating effort and diligence as well as attainment
  • Prepare girls for the world beyond school by equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to be resilient, independent, make informed choices, be successful and take their place in tomorrow’s world.
  • Support their personal well-being and welfare

Key Facts

  • The school aims to value and support each and every girl as an individual
  • WGHS has a warm and vibrant community with a strong sense of identity and history
  • WGHS offers a number of bursaries and scholarships