Happy children learn best

Choosing a school needn't be daunting

Rachel Edwards, Head of Wakefield Girls' High School Junior School

Choosing a school as a parent can often be a daunting experience and sometimes it is the first time back in a school for parents since their own schooling! I can remember looking at schools for my own first-born and saying all I wished for them was to be happy and enjoy school. The sage and wise Head, who was showing me round at the time, stroked her chin reflectively and said, “and achieving.”

I have often reflected on this conversation when I tour parents of prospective pupils round Wakefield Girls’ High School Junior School, and know that achievement and happiness are intrinsically linked. A child who is not happy will not achieve their best, and conversely, a child who is not achieving what is expected, cannot be truly happy and fulfilled in school. Hence, at Wakefield Girls’ High School Junior School we have the ethos of happy children learn best!

We are a diverse community and strive to ensure that each child is valued, respected and considered in all we do, from learning activities in the classroom, our small class sizes, to our wide range of extracurricular activities. All children’s needs and abilities are met through our high standards of teaching, exciting and personalised learning experiences and the pastoral care and support given to each pupil. We focus not only on the academic but on the whole child: social and emotional development and confidence are nurtured and developed. We want our pupils to have belief and confidence in themselves and strive to be the best they can be. Consequently, the girls love their school and are very proud of their achievements and progress.

The girls at Wakefield Girls’ High School Junior School never cease to amaze me. We have recently returned from a choir trip to Belgium with over 50 pupils and on a number of occasions members of the public commented on the girls’ exceptional behaviour and their beautiful and moving performances. In addition, the girls’ ability to show empathy for those less fortunate enabled us during the last academic year to raise over £11,000 for local and national charities, and in many cases money raised was on the initiative of individual and groups of pupils.

I would cordially invite you to come and visit the school to see our happy and vibrant school community for yourselves.

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