Home-School Partnership

When a girl joins the school the parents join too. We welcome parental involvement and appreciate participation both in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities.

There are annual Curriculum meetings which usually take place in the Autumn Term. These are an opportunity for parents to hear about work covered in each year group. Parents’ Evenings take place in the Autumn and Spring Terms. The purpose of such evenings is to provide the opportunity for parents to meet with class teachers on an individual basis to discuss their daughter’s progress. Appointments are made at ten minute intervals but longer appointments can be made by arrangement with the class teacher.
We are always available should parents wish to discuss any matters with us and you do not have to wait for an official Parents’ Meeting. If we do not know there is a problem or query, we cannot help.

Our fortnightly newsletters are available on this website, which acts as a valuable source of contact between school and home.

At the start of each term, each pupil will be given an Events Diary to take home. This booklet is full of important contact information and what events will be taking place throughout the term.

During the course of a year parents will receive a number of letters from school all of which are intended to keep them as informed as possible about past and future events in the Junior School.  They are the main route of communication and provide a vital link between school and home. We realise that parents are all busy, but we would appreciate it if important points and dates could be noted.

Each day the children bring home their ‘Home Book’ or ‘Homework Diary’ with information about homework and/or reading. Some parents use this to let the school know any information e.g. staying to After School Care.

A copy of the Junior School magazine will be distributed to each family during the Autumn Term.

Key Facts

  • There are two Parents' Evenings during the Academic Year
  • Curriculum Evenings for parents take place during the Autumn Term
  • Grade Cards are issued to Years 3 to 6 in the Spring Term
  • Full reports are issued to girls in Reception to Year 6 at the end of the Summer Term