Visits and Trips

One of the most memorable aspects of a girl’s time in school is her participation in trips. Girls have lots of opportunities for learning through educational visits and having visitors in school.

School visits enrich the learning experience, bring learning to life and are one of the most memorable aspects of a girl's time at WGHS Junior School.

Visits are designed to develop learning out of the classroom and our pupils develop a social and cultural awareness of the world around them.

Girls enjoy a great variety of educational visits that are designed to supplement and enrich their classroom learning. Day trips start in Reception, when visits include Tropical Butterfly House in Sheffield and The Deep (Hull). Other trips for the younger girls include Skipton Castle, Wakefield Fire Station, Wakefield Cathedral and the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Other trips which regularly enhance the curriculum for older girls include Cannon Hall, Meanwood Valley Urban Farm and Leeds Playhouse.

From Year 3, girls look forward to an annual residential visit. As well as supporting work in class, the residential experience benefits girls in many other ways. They learn to live alongside one another, develop team building skills and form healthy friendships. In Year 6, a final residential trip is a fitting end to their time in the Junior School.

“A taste for adventure and an understanding of the world is nurtured through educational trips and visits.”

Key Facts

  • Trips and visits bring the curriculum to life
  • In Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, girls enjoy an annual residential visit
  • Trips provide opportunity for further study, personal development and lots of fun
  • Visitors are regularly welcomed into school to talk to the girls and run workshops and activities