School Council

The School Council comprises of a representative from each class in Years 3 to 6 who become the ears and voice of their peers.

Any WGHS girl who would like to be on the School Council has to stand for election and make a speech to her class members on why she thinks she should be elected; the girls then cast a vote on who they feel will be the best representative to voice their concerns. This system helps to broaden the girls understanding of the election process. The girls then stand in the School Council for the school year.

The School Council meets four times a term, focusing on a number of initiatives and topics which impact the school community. When they meet it is in a professional setting and their position of responsibility is taken very seriously. An attendance list is taken and there is an agenda set for each meeting. In every meeting a girl from Year 6 will take notes and these are then typed up as minutes which are logged and used in the next meeting. The minutes are also logged in a book that every pupil or teacher has access to. The girls in the council are trusted with high levels of responsibility, especially those in Year 5 and 6. It is the role of the girls in Year 6 to arrange a meeting with Mrs Edwards to give feedback on the meeting.

The teacher that helps run the school council is Mrs Goodwin. The future aim for the School Council is to increase the number of meetings held and to encourage the girls to organise the meetings so that they develop skills required in the High School and learn to use their own initiative. Topics that have recently been covered by the School Council are the lunch menu, uniform, school maintenance and a healthy snack tuck shop. The Council also makes recommendations on which charities the girls would like to support during the Academic Year.

The School Council has already had a big impact around school, including valuable input in forming an Eco Committee, and they have the power to help make a change.

Mini School Council

Following on from a pre-prep assembly in Summer Term 2016, led by The School Council, WGHS JS now has a Mini School Council. Mini School Council is open to girls in years one and two, currently there are two girls from each class in pre-prep. Read about the assembly here.

Mrs Goodwin and The School Council will help the Mini School Council become established at Mulberry House and they too will meet with Mrs Edwards to go through issues raised by the pupils. 

2017/18 School Council

Hettie Tidy (3JC)
Maggie Grouse (3VH)
Alana Gelnnan (3JB)

Amelie Williams (4CG)
Ellie Gilbert (4EB) 
Olivia Brown (4SS)

Gabriella Vickers (5LR)
Alice McKinlay-Smith  (5AW)
Evelyn Crompton (5TP)

Aimee Smith (6AMW)
Leina Tordoff (6HJ)
Isobel McAndrew (6JB)

Key Facts

  • Each class in Years 3 to 6 nominates a School Council representative
  • The ideas and efforts of the School Council contribute much to the school community
  • The School Council encourages pupils to converse with pupils of all ages
  • Pupils develop the skills to voice concerns with members of authority
  • Joint meetings are held periodically with the WGHS Junior School Council to share ideas