Girls are conscious of international needs as well as those closer to home.

This is reflected in their enthusiasm and excitement for the various activities undertaken and amounts raised for worthy causes during each Academic Year.

The girls give much time and energy,as well as their own pocket money, recognising those less fortunate than themselves. In the process of fundraising the girls themselves benefit by developing new skills. They are encouraged to ‘project manage’ their own fundraising appeals working together to decide first how to raise the funds and then communicating their cause to the school community.They then ‘make it happen’ and usually also have a lot of fun in the process.

Wakefield Hospice, Children in Need, Roald Dahl Children’s Charity, Cancer Research, The Backup Trust, Poppy Appeal, NSPCC, are well supported by the school.

Retiring collections from concerts and plays allow us to donate to a number of causes, many of which are recommended by the School Council.

Key Facts

  • Many are causes supported during the Academic Year - international, national and closer to home
  • Many Charities were chosen through the School Council which had close links to the girls and thier families
  • Initiatives are very well supported, thanks to the generosity of the girls and their families
  • Last Academic Year, over £6,000 was raised for Charities, involving girls from Reception to Year 6