At WGHS Junior School we strongly believe that girls learn better in an all girl environment. The absence of boys enables girls to take intellectual and physical risks. Girls tend to mature earlier than boys and require a different approach to teaching.

The foundations are set in Mulberry House where girls from Reception to Year 2 are nurtured in a superb environment by caring and dedicated staff. Every day is fun filled and exciting because we firmly believe happy children learn best.

As girls progress through the school there are an array of enrichment activities both in and outside the curriculum. We aim to educate girls in the widest sense, giving them every opportunity to achieve success. We value and develop personal qualities of kindness, consideration and compassion for others and these are considered equally admirable as academic success.

Our curriculum is tailored and personalised to meet the needs of the girls in our care and offers academic aspiration in a supportive environment in which girls understand their next steps and are active and independent in their learning. This is facilitated by a team of dedicated and inspiring staff. Girls develop the knowledge, skills and learning qualities that ensure success in the next stages of their education in the Senior School.

We would encourage you to come and visit us so you can witness girls' education at its best.

Ms Heidi - Jayne Boyes BSc (Hons)

Key Facts

  • WGHS is a selective girls' school and the offer of a place is based on assessment
  • Girls enjoy 7 years in the Junior School, from Reception to Year 6
  • Many girls spend a year in Mulberry House Nursery before entering the Junior School at 4 years
  • A number of girls also join the school at the age of 4 years into Reception and at 7 years into Year 3
  • Girls are welcome to join at other times subject to places
  • At the age of 11 years, girls transfer to WGHS Senior School
  • The school is a member of IAPS - the Independent Association of Prep Schools