Year 7 Student Guide to QEGS

As part of QEGS Enrichment and Development (QED) and with a little help from a company called Engaging Education, Year 7 boys had to plan, film and produce an in-depth film about QEGS Senior School as seen through their eyes.

You have most likely landed here through the clever QR Codes throughout your Student Guide. They bring you to this area dedicated to future Year 7 pupils who want to know about the school with the help of our current Year 7.  

It is a student led initiative, from story boarding to filming, showcasing a range of topics, all decided on by Year 7. It is created by pupils, for future pupils of QEGS Senior School. Who best to paint a picture of life here at QEGS but the boys themselves? 

To watch the full Student Guide to QEGS Film click here

Year 7 really enjoyed this project and look forward to you joining them at QEGS!