Room to Grow

One of the greatest challenges facing Sixth Formers is to manage their time effectively in order to achieve academic success, whilst broadening their outlook and experience.

Universities, and ultimately employers, are looking for balanced, well-rounded individuals who have not only achieved academic excellence, but who have also contributed to, and benefited from, other activities beyond the academic curriculum, whilst developing life-long interests and expanding their horizons.

As a Sixth Former embarking upon adulthood, the staff-student relationship is elevated to a new more mature level. Driven by higher expectations, the learning process becomes much more of a partnership between staff and students, equipping students with the means to achieve academic and personal goals. This allows students to successfully bridge the gap between GCSE and A-levels, an obstacle many find daunting.

Key Facts

  • Sports tours and cultural trips offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences to destinations around the world
  • Timetabled PSHE programme extends through the Sixth Form years
  • Sixth Form offers greater freedom and opportunity, as well as greater responsibilities