A-Level Courses

The subjects on offer for study at A-Level create both breadth and flexibility, and nearly always individual options are accommodated.

Students are encouraged to take subjects which really inspire and interest them and which are suited to future careers they may be interested in pursuing.

Students already at QEGS and now progressing into the Sixth Form will have had their individual strengths and interests identified during GCSE study and earlier. Teaching Staff and Heads of Departments are therefore well positioned to give informed advice to students and their parents regarding subject choice at this crucial stage of a student’s school career.

All students entering Sixth Form, both existing and those new to QEGS, will receive advice and support from staff both before and during the first week of term to ensure that each individual is happy with the subjects selected for study.

Over 25 subjects are taught at A-level; the course and syllabus of each are detailed in the individual course guides listed under 'Related Information'. Four subjects are studied in Year 12, with three subjects continued to A-level. There will be opportunities for students to extend and develop key skills through enrichment courses and activities which complement A-level lessons.

In the Sixth Form, the option of joint teaching between QEGS and WGHS extends the choice of courses and subject combinations on offer to students. In addition, it also provides the valuable experience of joint learning – a vital preparation for study at Higher Education. For subjects taught jointly, the course could be taught be highly experienced subject specialists at QEGS or WGHS or delivered by staff from both schools, in turn sharing subject specialisms.

Subjects taught jointly with WGHS

  • Business
  • Classical Civilisation
  • Computing
  • Economics
  • English Language
  • Design and Technology: Food Technology
  • Design and Technology:Textiles
  • Drama and Theatre Studies
  • German
  • Government and Politics
  • Latin
  • Music
  • Psychology
  • Physical Education
  • Religious Studies
  • Spanish