Ethos of the Department

The two broad central aims of the Physics department are to enable independent learning and scientific thinking and to prepare students for external examinations such that each individual boy achieves the best grade he possibly can.

To achieving these aims we intend to:

  • Make Physics as interesting and enjoyable as possible at all times
  • Enable students to acquire sufficient understanding and knowledge to become confident citizens in a technological world, able to take or develop an informed interest in matters connected with Physics
  • Help students recognise the usefulness and limitations of scientific methods and appreciate their importance in everyday life
  • Suitably prepare and encourage students to pursue further studies in Physics related discipline

Teaching Staff

Mr M Fascione (Head of Department)
Mr M Beresford
Dr T Brunt
Miss F Elliott

Key Facts

  • All lessons are taught in four superbly equipped laboratories, each with an interactive whiteboard
  • Physics is taught as a separate science from Year 7 onwards by specialist teachers
  • An up to date, course specific textbook is provided to every pupil
  • State of the art data logging equipment available for use by all pupils
  • Wireless laptops available for use in laboratories
  • A wide range of extra curricular opportunities include an educational trip to Alton Towers and a Physics Club