Ethos of the Department

Just like all science at QEGS, Chemistry is taught as a separate subject in Years 7-9 and can then be chosen as a separate GCSE option or as part of the Double Award Science course. In Years 7-9, we teach a range of practical techniques and encourage our boys to have a keen sense of scientific enquiry and  enjoy learning through practical experience and problem solving.

In Years 10 and 11, the AQA Certificate in Chemistry is studied (IGCSE equivalent). This follows a linear GCSE course which allows topics to be taught in a natural order with lots of time for extra practical work. The boys sit two exams at the end of the course, one based on theory and the second on practical experience.

In Years 12-13 we follow a very successful AQA A level course where the boys increase their subject knowledge and practical skill and take AS exams in June of year 12 and A level exams in June of year 13.

With Earth Science demonstration lectures and various Chemistry competitions and a Key Stage 3 club Chemistry is a lively, popular subject with boys here at QEGS right from Year 7 up to A-Level.

Mr N Lambert (Head of Department)
Dr S Clark
Mr P Mason
Dr L Shearer

Chemistry Technician
Mrs A Taylor

Key Facts

  • The Department has 3 well-equipped, dedicated rooms, each with a projector and DVD player. We also have a sixth form study room/library for quiet work and revision which is especially popular in the run up to external exams.
  • Chemistry has easy access to a computer suite and the LRC next door
  • Classroom tasks in Chemistry are varied using a combination of learning and teaching techniques
  • Most students study Chemistry at GCSE, either as a separate subject or as part of Double Award Science
  • There is a popular Chemistry Club for Years 8 and 9
  • Year 8 pupils enter the National Salter’s competition, with many other competitions on offer for Year 7-13 pupils
  • The Department has an extensive library of written and audio visual material and resources for students on the portal
  • Chemistry, like all sciences at QEGS, is taught as a separate subject by specialist teachers