Introducing QED

Just under 100 activities on offer, catering for a wide range of tastes from the cerebral to the more sturdy.

The idea of QED is to offer QEGS boys not just an enjoyable enrichment afternoon but to give them that vital advantage in today’s competitive educational landscape. If Mr Gove is going to up the ante in terms of GCSEs (or iLevels) and A Levels – I want our boys to be ready for it in terms of their thinking skills and their (Yorkshire) grit! On one level, we hope they might discover something they go on to enjoy for life. On another, we hope QED develops them as individuals in terms of perseverance, curiosity and a willingness to come out of their comfort zones.

The concept is underpinned philosophically by Howard Gardner’s work ( and our ongoing commitment to provide a boy-friendly, holistic curriculum. Whilst the rest of the academic timetable will remain heavily influenced by the logical-mathematical and verbal-linguistic paradigm, we hope QED gives greater scope for boys to explore, for instance, the kinaesthetic, interpersonal and naturalistic “frames of mind”; hence the emphasis here on the outdoors, leadership and team-building.

Key Facts

  • Every boy at QEGS will be involved on a Wednesday afternoon
  • Boys will be able to take part in up to 5 QEDS activities each academic year
  • The cost of the majority of QED activities will be covered by the normal school fees