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PSHE Curriculum

The PSHE curriculum prides itself upon a 'whole school delivery', involving Form Tutors, Heads of Year and members of the Senior Management Team.

Below is a high level overview of the schemes of work delivered by year. Areas are often covered 2 or 3 times during a Key Stage,when they are built upon in terms of depth of content appropriate to age.

During Key Stage 3, the PSHE curriculum encompasses Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS).

Year 7 (delivered by the Form Tutor/Head of Year with one lesson each week)

  • Settling into QEGS life
  • Drugs
  • Bullying
  • Sex Education
  • Preparation for exams (coping with stress/ time management)

Year 8 (delivered by the Form Tutor/Head of Year with one lesson each cycle)

  • Bullying/Cyber Bullying
  • Citizenship
  • Alcohol, Drugs and Solvents
  • Diversity
  • Multi Cultural Society
  • Stress
  • Personal, learning and thinking skills (PLTS)

Year 9 (delivered by the Form Tutor/Head of Year with one lesson each cycle)

  • Roles of the Media
  • Listening Skills
  • Planning for my future
  • Drugs and the Law
  • Stress and Exam Conduct
  • Internet safety/ acting responsibly on-line

Year 10 (delivered by 'experts' from the Academic Departments with one lesson per cycle)

  • Me and my health
  • Me and my future
  • UK Citizenship (inc global issues)

Year 11 (delivered by 'experts' from the Academic Department with one lesson per week)

  • Me and my relationships
  • Me and my health
  • Me and my future
  • Global issues
  • UK Citizenship
  • Religious Studies

Year 12 (delivered by 'experts' from the Academic Departments)

  • Relationships with females
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Driving Safety
  • Budgets and Personal Finance

Year 13 (delivered by 'experts' from the Academic Departments)

  • Life skills and preparation for university

Key Facts

  • Yearly evaluation by pupils, allows curriculum to be modified to meet their needs
  • Aim to encourage open dialogue between staff and pupils
  • Reflection and self-evaluation links PSHE with academic performance
  • External professionals help to deliver elements of the structured programme
  • Pupils complete the Wakefield LEA Health Behaviour Survey (helps inform PSHE delivery across Wakefield)