Pastoral Team 2019/20

Pastoral Team 2019/20

Head of Sixth Form

Mr A M Rees – Head of Sixth Form & KS5
Mr J Jones – Head of Year 12

Form Tutors

Year 13
Mrs C M Mackay
Mr D A Binney
Mr D J Higgins
Mr N A Lambert
Mr R Westerdale 
Dr T A Brunt

Year 12
Mr A T Pesterfield
Dr C R Winborn
Mrs E J Peace
Mr O K Lambert
Mr R P Fraser

Head of Middle School

Mr D T Benn – Head of Year 11 & KS4
Mr D M Burrows – Head of Year 10

Form Tutors

Year 11
Mrs A J Fitzsimons
Mr B J Konopinski
Mr M E Archer
Mr M J Caines
Mr S E Davies
Mr W Stiff

Year 10
Dr A N Rhodes
Mr C D Dean
Dr L A Shearer
Mr M C Fascione
Mr S Wood
Mr T Becker

Heads of Lower School

Mrs G Thomas – Head of Year 9
Mr C Head – Head of Year 8
Mrs L M Ramsden – Head of Year 7 and KS3

Form Tutors

Year 9
Mr D N Gratrick
Miss F Elliot
Mr K Fortas 
Mr O Leask
Mr P McWilliam
Mr R T Everett

Year 8
Mrs F E Smith
Mr I A Wolfenden
Mrs N J Allen
Mr P Mason
Mr R Varley

Year 7
Mr D Dryland
Miss H R Chatterton
Mr M R Beresford
Mrs S L Roberts
Mr T J Lister

Key Facts

  • The pastoral team supports both boys and parents of the QEGS community
  • Great emphasis is placed on the home-school partnership
  • All staff play a key role during a boy's school career
  • The Form Tutor and Head of Year are the main point of contact for parents.