Guidance and Support

A pupil’s time at QEGS should be as enjoyable and as productive as possible. All staff take their responsibilities for pastoral care very seriously and play a key role through providing support and guidance.

Often the first point of contact is the Form Tutor who monitors not a only a pupil’s progress academically, but also socially within the QEGS community. Heads of Year support the Form Tutors and oversee all aspects of a pupil’s school career.

As boys progress through the School, the guidance offered by Form Tutors and Heads of Year is supplemented by the work of our Careers Department.

The School Medical Team, with its own full-time Matron, caters for a pupil’s individual needs and concerns, as well as assisting in the delivering of a comprehensive programme of Personal and Social Health Education (PSHE)

Key Facts

  • QEGS prioritises the importance of pastoral care
  • Effective pastoral care is about removing barriers to learning
  • The bond between pupil and tutor enables sound pastoral care and gives rise to excellent results
  • Code of Conduct guides the behaviour of everyone in the QEGS community