Learning Support

Ethos of the Department

The key aim of the Learning Support Department is to aid identified pupils who need support with aspects of their school work / life in order that they reach their full potential. These may include organisational skills, study skills, reading skills, comprehension skills, spelling skills, revision skills and any other areas of concern. Pupils may be referred to the department but an open door policy exists in order to make the department available to all pupils.

Pupils are taught to be reflective and identify the areas where they have strengths and areas where they need support. They are taught strategies to address their weaknesses using their strengths. Pupils are encouraged to work hard and work smart. We aim to build self esteem and a positive attitude to work and independent learning. We endeavour to provide life skills, not only to use in school, but also in higher education and beyond. All programmes are designed to aid the pupils skills in curriculum subjects whilst at school and onto further education.

There is flexibility in the teaching provision which allows individual lessons, small groups or whole year delivery. This means that we can potentially reach all pupils in school.

Teaching Staff

Mrs S Monk (Head of Learning Support)
Mrs S Armson
Mrs V Gardiner

Key Facts

  • The Department works with pupils aged 4-18, ensuring continuity of provision through Junior and Senior School
  • Teaching groups in Senior School are small and created with the needs of the pupils in mind
  • Lessons for pupils in all years take place in the well-resourced rooms during lunchtime
  • The Department has dedicated rooms in the Junior (including Centenary House) and Senior Schools