Welcome to the Languages Faculty

The Languages Faculty encompasses the Modern Foreign Languages, Classical Languages and English Language Departments.

By placing Latin and Greek with the Modern Languages Department we recognise the role it has had in shaping the tongues of Europe today and in Classical Civilisation students begin to appreciate the influence of the ancient world on the societies where the Modern Languages we learn are spoken. The Faculty has modern resources allowing for a wide breadth of approaches to be experienced by our pupils. Those approaches will range from an ‘old- fashioned’ chalk and talk grammar lesson to a lesson where pupils will independently research options on-line in order to produce their own recordings or presentations.

Three modern languages are offered - French, German and Spanish, with all boys taking a modern language to GCSE (most do French). At the end of Year 7 boys choose one extra language from German and Spanish. At the end of year 8 boys choose to continue with either Latin or their second modern language for at least one more year

The Modern Languages, Classics and English Departments believe that variety in approach is the key to success in the 21st century and we are always keen to keep abreast of new opportunities and technologies. A number of trips are organised by the faculty, including theatre trips to London and local playhouses, as well as overseas trips to Rome, Paris, Nice, Seville, Berlin, Angouleme and Munster.

Head of Modern Languages
Mr Ben Konopinski

Head of Classical Studies
Mr David Dean

Head of English
Mrs A Fitzsimons