Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

Ethos of the Department

The Department seeks to provide a caring and positive atmosphere, in which pupils can explore, develop and evaluate their own beliefs and those of others. By delivering varied courses across all key stages, including an array of theological, ethical and philosophical issues, we cater for the broad interests and beliefs of all students at QEGS. Our hope is for pupils to consider some of the ultimate questions in life with an increasing level of maturity, and to enrich their understanding of their place within the universe and the scope of human existence.

Specific skills we seek to develop include:

  • The ability to empathise with the beliefs and lifestyles of others
  • Consider a range of source materials as a means of formulating balanced opinions
  • The ability to discuss a range of speculative issues
  • Improve research skills and encourage pupils to learn independently

Teaching Staff

Mr O Lambert (Head of Department)
Miss H Chatterton

Key Facts

  • The department works out of two dedicated classrooms, both equipped with interactive whiteboards
  • We have our own extensive library of written and audio-visual resources
  • The department produces most of its own teaching and learning resources
  • Educational enrichment is provided by trips
  • Year 8 visiting local places of worship, and a regular upper school trip to sites of religious significance