Ethos of the Department

The Department seeks to help to contribute to the School’s ethos of providing a holistic approach to education. By delivering varied and interesting history courses across each key stage of the curriculum, it has the opportunity to be involved in the teaching and learning process of most students at QEGS. It seeks to enhance the knowledge and skills profile of every student involved, and to enrich the whole School’s understanding of its place in the wider history of Wakefield and the West Yorkshire area. Above all we seek to engender a passion amongst the student body for finding out about the past.

Specific historical skills we seek to develop include:

  • Develop source handling skills through the study of a varied range of historical sources
  • Improve analytical skills through recognising differing opinions and detecting historical bias
  • Improve research skills and encourage pupils to learn independently
  • Develop written and oral communication through practising extended writing tasks and providing the opportunity for engaging classroom discussions

Teaching Staff

Mr David Binney (Head of Faculty and Head of Department)
Mr Matthew Archer
Mr Simon Davies
Mr Alistair Rees
Mrs Faye Smith