A-Level Results 2020

Queen Elizabeth Grammar school is delighted to announce another strong set of A Level results with a great majority of boys now set fair for a diverse range of exciting university courses and apprenticeships at top institutions around the country.

Headmaster David Craig said he was pleased with the boys' remarkable results, particularly in such unprecedented times:

"When you've been doing the job as long as I have, I suspect there is the danger of some repetition creeping into one's reflections on A Level results day. That said, it was business as usual at QEGS with another set of strong A Levels with 81% of results in the top grade brackets.

Of course, it has been far from business as usual for these Y13 students across the UK. Having had their final year cut short, it made it all the sweeter to see so many happy faces this morning as they opened their envelopes! And what a great bunch of boys they have been - we have really enjoyed seeing them come through the QEGS ranks and I'm delighted to see so many of them securing places at the best university addresses right around the country. My thanks to everyone who has made this happen - the parents who have kept them fed, watered and loved, the staff who have taught them with passion, patience and skill and, of course, the boys themselves who have handled such an unusual year with typical QEGS spirit."

Catch up on all the highlights from a triumphant Results Day in our 60 second round up video below or visit our gallery here

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Meet some of our star performers...

Adam Result

Head Boy Adam will now go on to pursue his passion for French and Classics at The University of Edinburgh.

Hugo Result

He will be joined north of the border by Hugo, who will attend the University of St Andrews, where he will study an exciting Medieval History and Archaeology course.

Sam Result

It's next stop Durham University for star student Sam, who will study a 3 year Mathematics course!

Amai Result

We wish Senior Prefect Amai the best of luck at LSE, where he will now go on to study Economics!

Mikey Result

Meanwhile, Michael will explore his passion for media and marketing at the University of Nottingham.

Faiq Result

Matthew Result

Faiq and Matthew will now take a step closer to a dream career in Medicine as they attend the University of Liverpool and Keele University respectively.

Good luck boys!