Sports' Association

As a parent group, the role of the Sports Association is to work closely with the PE Department to support and promote beyond the curriculum as wide a range of sport as possible with an open door to all boys within the school.

We acknowledge that there are boys in the school that have a great deal to offer outside their academic studies and as a parents association aim to assist those boys with additional equipment, kit, travel and tour funding and specialist training.

We aim to assist not only the big three Rugby, hockey and cricket but have our eyes firmly set on promoting sport such as fencing, rowing, swimming, athletics and so on.

School funds and parents pockets are not bottomless and if we as parents can go the extra mile and raise funds which allows our boys themselves to go the extra mile then we will have served a useful purpose. A quick look back at recent world tours which benefit so many boys and provide experiences they will never forget can be no greater ambassador for supporting this association.

The funds are raised by hard work and support from the parents at school. We are always happy to welcome any parents who feel they are able to contribute a little time or experience by joining the committee but even if that is not quite your thing then please if nothing else support the events. They are well organised, hold out the promise of excellent evenings and above all the whole of the proceeds benefit your sons. Look out for the Christmas Ball tickets in December and the Sportsman's Dinner in March. Ticket demand is high and these are events not to be missed.

100 Club

Help support school sport by taking part in the Sports Associations’ 100 Club. Monthly prizes of £100 and two prizes at £25 Costs just £5 per month (by direct debit) or £60 per year (one off payment). Cheques payable to QEGS Sports’ Association. Contact Katie Adams, the School Office or the PE Dept for the relevant forms.

Key Facts

  • A dedicated committee working in conjunction with the PE Department to support all school sports
  • Assist not only the 'big three' - rugby, hockey and cricket - but all sports played in and out of the curriculum
  • The committee organises social events and other initiatives to support tours, help purchase equipment and specialist training
  • New members are always welcome - please come along to our meetings of get in touch with the committee