Entry Guidelines (16+)

Entry into the QEGS Sixth Form is always judged on an individual basis.

There is so much on offer in our Sixth Form: we just need to be satisfied that an individual student has the academic ability and most importantly, the intellectual hunger to want to extract the very most from the experience.

Whilst most of our students will probably be carrying A*/A forward from GCSE to their chosen AS subjects, we have a strong track record with other "late developers" as long as they buy into our academic ethos and are prepared to study hard!

Joining the Sixth Form

Boys wishing to join the QEGS Sixth Form are invited to individual interviews with relevant Heads of departments and senior colleagues.

The interviews are nothing to worry about; rather a chance to gauge levels of interest and perhaps talk through some examples of current GCSE work.

They should also identify which areas of QEGS life outside of the classroom, such as sport, music or leadership opportunities, might be of interest as these are a crucial feature of our Sixth Form experience.

Induction to Sixth Form Life

After GCSE exams, and before the end of the Summer Term, boys joining QEGS at Sixth Form get the opportunity to familiarise themselves with QEGS by spending a day in school. They get the opportunity to meet other students, the relevant Heads of Departments and to get a feel for Sixth Form life at QEGS.

Find out more

Candidates wishing to the join QEGS Sixth Form should contact the Admissions Secretary well in advance, and certainly by half way through Year 11, to obtain obtain the relevant Application Forms.