Entry Guidelines (11+)

Through entrance assessment, we are hoping to predict future potential rather than to test present knowledge.

At 11+ (entry into Year 7), candidates are assessed on four papers: English (Creative Writing and Comprehension), Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning.

The offer of a place at QEGS is based upon performance in the Entrance Examinations, an interview with a member of the Senior Management Team and the references provided by the candidate's current school.

The Entrance Examinations take place in mid January each year. We actively encourage candidates to attend on this day, as not only do they take part in fun activities and get a feel for school life, but most importantly they get to meet other boys hoping to enter QEGS. There are also additional testing dates during the Spring and Summer Terms - please contact the Admissions Secretary to find out more.

If Fee Assistance is required, this is awarded following the main Entrance Examinations in January.


Candidates should be working towards Level 5 of the National Curriculum Key Stage 2.
Creative Writing: Candidates will be given a choice of titles and will be assessed upon their ability to write an imaginative and coherent piece as well as upon the technical aspects of spelling, punctuation and grammar.
Comprehension: Candidates are asked to read a passage and to answer questions upon it.


The content on the Mathematics paper will be based on the assumption that candidates are working towards Level 5 of the National Curriculum Key Stage 2. There will be a variety of questions testing basic numerical skills, problem solving and logical thinking. Candidates may also be required to demonstrate more developed powers of reasoning and the ability to solve simple problems with a newly introduced concept.

Verbal and Abstract Reasoning

This is a standard test similar to those which are widely available commercially. These tests yield very useful information about pupils' abilities that may not be evident from their usual classroom work. They can indicate the likely ease with which a pupil will be able to acquire a new concept and understand new ideas across a range of school subjects.

Practice Papers

Practice papers are available from the Admissions Secretary upon request.