Academic Staff

Acting Headmaster

Mr M Shevill

Senior Leadership Team

Mr J T Palin - BEng
Deputy Head (Pastoral)

Mrs C L Palin - BA
Assistant Head (Co-curricular) / Senior Tutor

Mr M Fitzsimons - MA
Director of Studies (Operations)

Mrs A M Eggleston - BA, MEd
Director of Studies (Staff)

Teaching Staff

Mr M L Affleck BA Humanities
Mrs W Affleck BA (Hons), PGCE - English 
Mrs N J Allen ICSA- Economics and Business
Mr M E Archer BA - History, Project Co-ordinator (E-Learning)
Mrs S E Armson BA - Learning Support
Mr T Barker BSc - Physical Education
Ms A Beall  BA - Learning Support
Mr T A Becker BSc - Head of Maths
Mr D T Benn BTech - Design Technology, Head of Middle School and Head of Year 11
Mrs K C Bentham BMus - Music
Mr M R Beresford MSc - Pyhsics
Mr S P Besford- Head of Foundation Drama
Mr D A Binney BA - Head of History and Humanities Faculty
Mrs C Boardman BA (Hons), MA, PHD, PGCE - English, Classics and Modern languages
Dr T A Brunt MA PhD - Physics
Mr D M Burrows BA - Mathematics, ICT, Project Co-ordinator (Outreach) and Head of Year 10
Mrs M J Caines MA - Head of Art
Mr G A Chatterton BSc - Head of Economics and Business
Miss H Chatterton BA (Hons) PGCE - Humanities 
Dr S Clark M Chem, PhD - Chemistry and Project Co-ordinator (QED)
Mrs H L Cowan BA - French and German
Mr S E Davies BA, MA - History, Head of Politics and Project Co-ordinator (Gifted & Talented)
Mr C D Dean BA - Head of Classics
Mr D R Dryland BA, MA - Art
Mr R T Everett MA - Head of Design and Technology
Mr M C Fascione BSc - Head of Physics
Mrs A J Fitzsimons BA, MA, FGMS - Head of English
Mr K Fortas Licence in Fine Arts - Modern Languages 
Mr R P Fraser BSc - Science
Mrs V L Gardiner BEd Learning Support
Mr D N Gratrick BSc - Mathematics and KS3 Mathematics Co-ordinator 
Mr C Head BA - Physical Education and head of Year 8
Mr D J Higgins MSc - Head of Biology and Science Faculty
Mr J Jones BA - Geography and Head of Year 12
Mr B J Konopinski - Head of Modern Languages
Mr N A Lambert BSc - Head of Chemistry
Mr O K Lambert BA - Head of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics
Mr O T Leask BA - Head of Creative Arts and Sports Faculty and Head of Academic PE
Mr C R Lewis BA- Director of Music
Mr T J Lister BSc- Mathematics
Mrs C M Mackay BA - Business 
Mr P Mason BSc - Chemistry
Mrs E R McGlone BA - French and Spanish
Mr P McWilliam BSc, MPhil - Mathematics and i/c D of E
Mr A T Pesterfield BSc - Biology, ICT and Head of Careers
Mr G Pickersgill BSc - Geography
Mr D Pottage BSc - Mathmatics
Mrs L M Ramsden BA - English and Head of Lower School (7, 8 and 9) 
Mr M Reed BSc - Mathematics and Computer Science

Mr A M Rees BA - History and Politics and Head of Sixth Form and Head of Year 13
Dr A N Rhodes PhD - Head of Geography
Mrs S L Roberts BA - Art and DT, Charity Co-ordinator & Community Liaison
Mrs L C Senior BA - English
Dr L Shearer PHD - Chemistry
Mrs F E Smith BA - History
Ms I Stelmach MA - Business & Economics
Mr W Stiff BSc (Hons), ETT - Biology, Project Co-ordinator (E-Learning)
Mr G Thomas BSC, PGCE - Biology and Head of Year 9
Mrs L Van der schans BA - Modern Languages
Mr R Westerdale BA - French and Spanish
Mrs L Williamson BA - Art
Dr C R Winborn BA, PhD - English
Mr I A Wolfenden BA - Director of Sport
Mr S A Wood BA - Classics and English