School Health Service

This school based service aims to work in partnership with pupils, parents and teachers to improve and maintain the health and wellbeing of all pupils, enabling them to reach their full potential.

It is run by a School Nurse and the School Medical Officer, who is a local General Practitioner, attending on a sessional basis. The First Aid Room equipped for triage is located within the main building at QEGS Senior School. The service offers health advice to pupils and parents, coordinating first aid provision, supporting pupils with medical conditions, undertaking health checks where indicated and offering a confidential drop-in.

An immunisation programme, coordinated by the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, is also available for pupils.

It is intended that this service should in no way replace your General Practitioner who would, normally, retain sole control over any prescribing for your son; although some referrals to other health professionals can be made via this service.

The aims of the service include:

  • Contributing to the PSHE programme, promoting healthy lifestyles
  • Planning support according to individual health need. Health questionnaire forms are sent out on school entry to assist in this endeavour. Parents are encouraged to contact matron if they have any worries concerning their son or to update us of any changes.
  • Offering support as part of the pastoral team
  • Offering first aid, and sick bay facilities. It is not possible to keep an ill child for long periods of time as the sick bay is small; parents are expected to make arrangements to collect their son when required. We ask that parents consider the health of other pupils and staff before sending their son to school when ill, as this obviously spreads germs and disrupts lessons.
  • Offering simple medication e.g. paracetamol. This can only be dispensed if parental consent has been received. Parents will be notified of such administration. Matron will give short term prescribed medication e.g. antibiotics, antihistamines, eye drops etc. if the blue medication form is completed by parents, the medication is in its original container, which is clearly marked with name, dosage and frequency.
  • Coordinating an immunisation programme offered by the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.