Summer Camps

There are two Summer Camps - one for boys in Reception to Year 2 and one for boys in Years 3 to 6, which both run for two weeks at the start of the Summer Holiday led by QEGS Staff.

Boys from 4-11 years can enjoy these action packed sports and educational camps, which whilst tailored to the different ages offer a range of fun activities.

The clubs operate from 8.30 am - 4.30 pm, and a packed lunch is required each day.

The Centenary House Summer Camp offers action packed fun for boys from Reception to Year 2. Based at Centenary House, there is plenty of sport and active games and also lots of art and craft activities, cooking (including ice lolly and smoothie making) and lots of boy-orientated activities including mini-beast hunting, fang monsters and den building!

For boys in Years 3 to 6, they can join in the fun at the Sports and Science Summer Camp, based on the Junior School campus.

Sporting activities include:Tug of War, Dodge-ball, Swimming, Zoom-ball and Aqua Dodge. Science investigations include: launching hand made rockets, the science of chocolate, foaming monsters, balloon rocket races, big bugs and making slime!

Summer Camp Fees 

1 boy, 1 week £150
2 boys, 1 week £250

1 boy, 2 weeks £250
2 boys, 2 weeks £460

Key Facts

  • Two camps operate - one for the boys in Reception to Year 2 and one for the boys in Years 3 to 6
  • Summer Camps are action packed and full of boy-orientated activities
  • Booking forms for the Summer Holiday Camps are usually available before the end of the Spring Term