Reception (EYFS)

In Reception, the curriculum is planned around the seven areas of learning for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This curriculum is designed to develop the whole child and help them reach their full potential.

The main Reception base consists of indoor and outdoor learning areas. Boys work on specific tasks and objectives in discrete Focus Learning Areas. The remainder of the time, they work on a plan, do, review system and can choose which of the well-planned and structured activities to participate in - all of which help consolidate and extend the learning skills delivered through the Focus Learning Areas.

Reading and writing feature prominently within Reception. Each day, there is a phonics session taught either through Read Write Inc. or a class literacy using a Pie Corbett style of storytelling with stories linked to the topic.There is lots of storytelling aimed at developing boy’s story language and their imagination and to encourage a love of reading. An annual Bed Time Story Session is held when boys (in their pyjamas) and their parents come and enjoy early evening stories, milk and cookies! An initiative designed to encourage reading at home.

Gentle writing tasks - such as taking a customer order in the role play area or writing signs for the dinosaur museum, provide subtle ways to encourage boys to write. French is introduced in Reception and continued through Years 1 and 2. Lessons are delivered through songs, rhymes and games. This gentle introduction to the French language encourages an understanding and appreciation of different cultures and languages from a young age.

Key Facts

  • Little boys need space to run, explore and play games
  • Reception has three classroom areas as well as a covered outdoors learning area
  • Reception follows the EYFS curriculum
  • Carefully structured activities are designed to consolidate learning skills