Bringing Learning to Life

Boys respond best to teaching styles which fit their needs – active well-paced practical learning with frequent brain breaks and opportunities for movement.

QEGS Junior School offers a learning environment specifically tailored to meet the learning needs and styles of boys. The delivery of our broad and balanced curriculum from 4-11 years through a range of teaching and learning styles, not only provides stimulation and strong foundations for the future, but most importantly allows boys to gain confidence in their ability to learn, and to grow as learners at their own pace.

Encouraging boys to work together in pairs or groups on problem solving within lessons, ensures that individually boys are engaged in and understand the area of study, but also through challenging each other to think hard, interest is sustained and understanding strengthened.

The use of themed learning enables boys to see a clear purpose for the activities, and they are frequently engaged in the planning of topic work. Books and curricular materials that excite boys are integrated within all aspects of the curriculum and whenever possible learning is taken outdoors.

Specialist teaching for swimming, music and French is introduced from Reception, with the range of subjects delivered by specialists increasing as boys progress through the Junior School. 

There is no doubt that boys need positive male role models in their lives from the earliest stages in their development, men who can show that learning, schooling and achieving are cool for boys too and from their first day in Reception all boys in QEGS Junior School benefit from the positive balance of female and male teachers.

Key Facts

  • Staff at QEGS JS are committed to teaching boys
  • Our staff understand boys, which determines how they design and deliver the curriculum
  • Boys from Reception to Year 6 are provided with a meaningful and challenging learning setting
  • Engaging boys, captures their imagination, creativity and enthusiasm